Functioning command center, with a new floor that does not prevent static generation.

A person enters the room. Friction between the soles of her shoes and flooring material generates static. As she crosses the floor, a static charge builds on her body.

The static electricity on her body discharges to the first person or object she touches—in this case, the headset.

The sudden rush of electrical current through the headset damages the microcircuits inside the equipment, disrupting data and damaging or destroying components.

But if a low-static generating floor has been installed in the command center. when personnel move in, the room is fully functional.

When a person walks across the floor, the friction generates minimal static, and the flooring material dissipates the charge safely to ground.

Because she has no static on her body, when she touches the headset—or a sensitive component—there is no damaging static event.

The command center remains fully functional, and people move and interact freely.

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